Hepatology Services
A separate dedicated liver clinic is being run on every Tuesday. This caters for patients who are suffering from chronic liver diseases. We are doing liver biopsies in all age groups. Department of Radiology has developed technique of transesophageal biopsy and shunts (TIPS). Pathology department is doing H&E, PAS, Reticulin and Prussian Blue Stains on regular basis on liver tissues. They are in the process of developing Trichrome and Orcein stains also. Facilities of testing for HBs Ag, Anti HBs and Anti HCV are available with the Microbiology department.

OPD Services
General OPD: Tuesday, Thursday Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic Clinic: Tuesday, It includes patients of Liver Cirrhosis, Chronic Pancreatitis etc.
Luminal Clinic: Wednesday, It includes patients of Ulcerative Colitis, Intestinal Tuberculosis, Achalasia etc.

Indoor Services
Indoor services are available. There is a 30-bedded ward. For care of very sick patients ICU services are being utilized. Preparations are on to develop a separate high dependency unit in the GI ward itself.

List of endoscopic & other services available

  1. Esophagogastroduodenoscopy
  2. Variceal Endotherapy(Inj./Band/Loop)
  3. Endotherapy for ulcer bleed
  4. Stricture dilatation by balloon
  5. Stricture dilatation by Savary-Guillard dilator
  6. Esophageal stenting
  7. Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy
  8. ERCP Diagnostic
  9. ERCP Therapeutic
    1. Sphincterotomy
    2. Stenting/Naso biliary drainage
    3. Dilatation of Pancreatic Duct/Common Bile Duct
    4. Mechanical lithotripsy
  10. Rigid Sigmoidoscopy
  11. Colonoscopy
  12. Limited colonoscopy
  13. Polypectomy
  14. Endotherapy for piles (inj/ Band)
  15. Endoscopic pseudocyst drainage
  16. Liver biopsy
  17. Abdominal paracentasis
    1. Diagnostic
    2. Therapeutic
  18. Enteroscopy
  19. Endo Ultra Sound-Diagnostic
  20. Endo Ultra Sound-Therapeutic(Fine needle aspiration)
  21. Sangstaken tube for variceal bleed
  22. Argon plasma coagulation for GI bleed
  23. Mucosal resection/Tumour electrofulguration
Last Updated On 29/12/2018