Stone disease: Minimal invasive treatment of stone in form of Lithotripsy(ESWL), Percutaneous removal of stone (PCNL) and endoscopic removal (URS and CLT).

Advanced Laparoscopic Urology (Key hole surgeries): for ablative and reconstructive procedures for genitourinary tract like lap nephrectomy, lap radical nephrectomy, lap adrenalectomy, lapureterolithotomy, lap ueteolysis, lap pyelplasty etc.

Uro Oncology: Complete surgical treatment for cancers of genitourinary tract is provided at department in collaboration with J N Cancer Hospital, Bhopal. Department offers variety of open and laparoscopic procedures for these patients like TURBT & Intravesical treatment and Radical Cystectomy with Orthotopic neobladder reconstruction for bladder cancers, Laparoscopic Radical nephrectomy for renal cancers, Radical Orchidectomy and RPLND( Retro peritoneal lymphnode dissection) for testicular cancers and Penectomy and Groin dissection for penile cancers. Paliative PCN and Stenting for various malignancies with obstructive uropathy is given round the clock.

Adult Reconstructive Urology: Various reconstructive procedures for urethral stricture disease like Flap and buccal mucosa urethroplasty is provided by department. Apart from this the other complex and redo reconstructive procedure like neobladder reconstruction, bladder augmentation, ureteral reconstruction, VesicoVaginal repair, Urogenital fistula repair etc are provided by department.

Renal Transplant and related procedures: Complex and redo vascular access, CAPD catheterization and surgical care of post transplant patients like PCN, Graft nephrectomy etc.

Ischemic nephropathy and Renovascular Hypertension: Various procedures like auto renal bypass, auto renal transplant and other revascularization procedure is offered by department for correctable hypertension and nephropathy.

Urodynamic Lab: Department is equipped with latest multi channel video urodynamic lab and does various urodynamic studies for various complex voiding problems.

Last Updated On 25/09/2017