Blood Donation Complex:
  • Special Donor chairs (Penpol couches) with Modern Blood collection monitors (Baxter)
  • Radio frequency tube sealers (Both battery operated and Dielectric) [Baxter]
  • German made Blood storage refrigerators (Heraeus)  
Transfusion Transmitted disease testing
  • MINILYSER, Tcan-Automated ELISA Machine with facility of performing four types at one point of time or a maximum of 360 samples together.  
Blood group Serology
  • German centrifuges (levafuge 200, 100- Heraeus)
  • Cell washers (levafuge- 24, Heraeus)
  • Incubators  
Component Separation
  • Cryofuge (Heraeus)
  • Plasma shock freezer
  • Deep freezers and plasma Freezers (minus 40- minus 70 degree temperatures)
  • Platelet incubator and agitator ( Helmer- USA )  
  • MCS plus - Haemonetics ( USA )  
  • Com.Tec – Fresenius Kabi
Thalassaemia Unit:
  • HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) Variant Hemoglobin Testing System.
  • Electrophoresis (Alkaline Hb)

Last Updated On 14/01/2019