A. Services provided and Operational Divisions of the department.

1. Blood Donor Complex (Blood Donation and Collection Activities within the hospital and outdoor blood donation camps held)
Donor Screening (Registration and Collection of Donor information), Donor Selection with Medical Examination, Haemoglobin estimation, collection of blood from donor, management of adverse reactions in a donor, retention and recruitment of blood donors as repeat donors.

2.Immunohaematology (Red Cell Serology/Blood Grouping)
ABO blood grouping, Rh D Typing, Weak D (Du Testing), Preparation of red cell suspension, Antibody screening, Detection of incompatibility between patient and donor (Crossmatching), Antiglobulin cross match and Investigation of transfusion reaction, Rh antibody titers in Rh negative mothers, Hemolytic disease of new born work up and ABO discrepancy resolution.

3. Component separation
All blood units to be separated into Blood components namely packed red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma, platelet concentrates and cryoprecipitate are available for optimum and best utilization of each unit of whole blood. Provision of Leucocyte depleted blood components for benefit of patients requiring multiple transfusions including the thalassaemia and hemophilia patients.

4. Labelling, preservation and storage of blood and components
Labelling of blood bags and blood components, Preservation of blood and blood components, Inventory of blood bags and blood components, Supply of safe blood for transfusion and Issue of blood for transfusion.

5. Screening for transfusion transmissible infections
Mandatory testing of all Blood units for Hepatitis B, HIV, Hepatitis C, Syphilis and Malaria by modern methods is being carried out.

6. Apheresis
Apheresis procedures using Cell separator machine are done for Plateletpheresis and plasmapheresis.

7. Therapeutic Services
Therapeutic Plasma Exchange,Therapeutic Plasmapheresis, Therapeutic Leukacytapheresis, Therapeutic Throbocytapheresis, Therapeutic Red Cell Exchange. This procedure is done as a therapeutic modality using the protocol in the cell separator. This facility gives a complete clinical orientation to the department. This procedure is beneficial to patients of various types of neurological, autoimmune, haematological, nephrological and many other type of disorders.

8. Quality assurance
Quality control of ABO Rh reagent, Lectins, Blood components, Blood Storage, Equipment maintenance: Preventive maintenance, Equipment maintenance: Calibration and Incident report.

9. E-Rakt Kosh Application
E Raktkosh application is an online application enforces Drug & Cosmetic Act, National blood policy standards and guidelines ensuring for maintenance of records of blood bank data/procedures like donor details, blood collection, blood storage, blood discarded, blood inventory etc.


Special Services

1. Screening and Counseling of Thalassaemia
Creation of awareness to prevent birth of thalassaemic children, counseling of parents and individuals from high risk communities and screening by blood test using modern technology (HPLC- High Performance Liquid Chromatography).

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