Salient disorders treated

A. Coronary Artery Disease: Occlusion of the arteries supplying the heart muscles which causes Myocardial infarction (Heart Attack), Chest pain, Heart failure & even death.

B. Rheumatic Valvular Heart Disease : A childhood illness related process which damages the valves of the heart, thereby choking them or rendering them leaky & damaging the heart's function in the process.

C. Congenital Heart Disease: Diseases of the heart which are present since birth & primarily involve abnormalities in the septa separating various chambers or the alignment of different parts of the heart with each other. These may present in childhood or in the adult age group. One of the commonest diseases is a 'hole' in the heart.

D. Vascular Disorders: Vascular disorders of the main blood vessel, the aorta or the peripheral smaller vessels. These may develop swellings (Malformation & aneurysms) or occlusions which require rectification.

E. Pulmonary & other thoracic disorders: Disorders of the chest wall, lungs or their covering membranes which might require surgical removal of a part or whole due to medically incurable infections or tumors.

F. Traumatic Emergencies: Cases which require lifesaving repairs of any of the organs related to the circulatory or respiratory systems.

Last Updated On 22/09/2017