Health Centres

The Bhopal Memorial Hospital and research centre has eight Health Centres spread across Bhopal. These centres provide primary health care to the MIC gas affected population close to their home. The first of these centres was inaugurated on 9th March, 1998 at Kainchi Chhola. This is the centre closest to the Union Carbide Factory.

  • It is at the Health Centres that patients are registered and issued photo ID cards after verification of papers. 
  • Each of these Health Centres provides comprehensive health care – free of cost,
  • Health Centres of BMHRC has one Medical Specialist, one Ophthalmologist, three to four medical officers, technicians, Paramedical staff and supporting personnel. It is well-equipped to provide primary care consultation and first aid, disbursement of medicines, nebulization for patients with COPD/ Asthma, and basic ophthalmic care. Elementary hematological, biochemical tests can be carried out along with Plain X Rays and ECG at these centres. Complicated cases, cases needing surgical intervention, and super-specialist interventions are referred to the main hospital.
  • Each Health Centre serves a daily OPD attendance of 200-350 with variations resulting from location and season. OPD services at these centres have been uninterrupted since inception.
  • Inventory of medicines and disposables is fully computerized and is linked on line with the HIS program of BMHRC. It is automatically updated, both on issue and receipt entries
Last Updated On 15/01/2019